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About Us

We are a family of four from Scotland who has recently returned to our homeland after living overseas for nine years. We have lived in China, Singapore and more recently in Spain before deciding to move back home to the UK.

We purchased our Highlands Reserve villa in early 2012 after extensive research and analyses of the local areas. We regularly stay in our property each year and as a result, have made continuous upgrades and refurbishment to suit our own taste. We have completed an extensive list of upgrades and changes which have included the following; most of the furniture has been replaced, completed replaced the flooring, new flat screen TVs all around, installed patio shade, full paint, new pool heater, etc. We had also originally reduced the property to a five bedroom where previously the property was set up as a six bedroom. This sixth bedroom was converted to a second family room which is located on the first floor.

We own and rent out several properties in Florida either on a full residential basis or on short term rental.